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We apologise to all if there are any errors quoted in stock availability. Any payments sent for stock erroneously listed will of course, be refunded.

Our policy on postage hasn’t changed, and all orders to Australian addresses will be sent as registered post of $4.70.

Overseas sales may necessitate me asking for extra funds to cover postage.

As promised, there will be a few new items, and the return of a few older but popular items.

Please remember our decals are ‘real’ screen printed decals using ‘real’ inks, not the inferior ALPS printer produced decals made with coloured wax that let so many people down.

We do not “do” 1-off decals, but all serious decal production enquiries will be treated equally seriously.

 The Contact Us page is self explanatory,designed to give you the full details of means by which GR Decals may be contacted.

 Our latest product is the Venetian blinds stick-on kit, designed originally for the Great Southern Railway coaches and the Southern Aurora coaches produced by Lima, but are suitable for just about any HO scale coach. Each “kit” will provide blinds for 2-3 coaches which are suitable for both original and flush glazed coach windows.  A sheet with installation instructions/suggestions is included with each set. Though not difficult, a certain amount of patience is required for their successful placement in coaches. They can be found in the HO Trains section as HPC001.

 The new version of the Pinstriping and Scrolls decal in both black (KL021) and white (KL022) are now available. They can be found in the General Decals section. The other colours which have been sold out for a long time, are also being slowly re-done and has begun with a mid red called “Warm Red” and a darker red called “Fire-engine Red” now in stock.